The question of change is inevitable for a social structure and as a trend researcher my mission is to study what is coming next - why & how? Through research, data and curation, the goal is to deliver relevant and sustainable strategy for niche markets. 

The importance of using an academic approach 

What would be a creative process without research? The academic approach refers to the act of digging into ressources related to a specific subject. I consider this phase crucial as a way to add depth and consistency to the final result. Through curation of knowledge, I am relying on facts – social, historical, etc. – that enable me to elaborate ideas and concepts in line with insights formulated thanks to this methodolgy.

While writing, academic resources have an important role in the articulation of relevant insights and analysis. From social theories to traditional articles, I cover a large rank of ressources to enable me to have the bigger picture and be aware of all the factors influencing a specific phenomenon. Additionally, visual curation helps to illustrate insights from my research. In a way, curiosity is what leads my entire practice.  

Pursuing the quest of social and cultural awareness 

As a social actor, I've experienced  situations that allow me to understand the importance of concept such as social awareness. Through my work I want to raise awareness in order to avoid harmful mechanisms to prevail. It has enabled me to connect with various communities through exchange and debate on other visions and beliefs. Being aware of this diversity in social and cultural capitals suggests a capacity to adapt and project. I've learned both of these skills through my own socialisation. Trend research is implying going outside your own realities to spot emerging movements. Hence social and cultural awareness give a reliable frame of references to avoid ethnocentric assumptions.